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Why UX Centre Stage?

Tons of work goes into great UX – a User’s Experience as they interact with a product. Just like a stage performance, many things go on behind the scenes to make it successful.

We’re pulling back the curtains to reveal the methods, techniques and roles involved. By bringing UX Centre Stage, we are spotlighting what it takes for companies to be user-centric.

Listen to UX professionals from different cities, disciplines, and industries in roles that all fall under the large umbrella that is UX. Hear from these UX experts about the methods they use, their successes and failures, and advice on how to succeed in their particular role.

Our Speakers

Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli

Author and Teacher |

Keynote Speaker

Alicia Napoleon

Alicia Napoleon

Product Designer | General Motors

Designing for the Multitasking Driver

Andrea Neuhoff

Andrea Neuhoff

Senior UX Designer | Thomson Reuters

Bullsh*t for Designers

Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski

Interaction Designer, Director of Digital Experiences | AIGA

Psychology of Design

Brian Frank

Brian Frank

UX Researcher and Strategist | ResIM

Continuous Discovery: Finding The Smallest Ways to Answer the Biggest Questions

Alicia Zhong

Alicia Zhong

UX Researcher and Strategist | Postmedia

How to get stakeholder buy-in from UX research

Our Sponsors

UX Centre Stage is possible thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors.
We’re deeply grateful to them for supporting London’s growing UX community.





FANSHAWE COLLEGE - Oxford St. Campus

Event Information

Fanshawe College is located in the north-east end of London, Ontario. It is just a short 5km to the London Airport, and only 6km away from Downtown London.


Most facilities at Fanshawe College are wheelchair accessible. We would be pleased to assist you in meeting any special needs for anyone with disabilities. Service animals and support persons are welcome to attend the conference. There is no charge for a support person’s attendance, but they are required to reserve a ticket. Please contact us for a promo code prior to reserving your ticket.


Complimentary parking is available all day on Saturday.


Public Transit

Transit routes can be found at Many buses stop at the campus. For more information, call 519-451-1347.

Note: There will be a photographer taking photos and/or videos at the event. By attending the event, you agree to have photos and/or videos taken unless otherwise requested. These photos may be used in future promotional materials or shared on social media. If you would prefer not to have your photo taken, please let us know.