Alicia Zhong

Alicia Zhong

UX Researcher and Strategist



How to get stakeholder buy-in for UX research

Realizing the power of user research within an organization requires dedication and knowledge. The common pushback from the stakeholder to get buy-in for your user research often comes from their misunderstanding of the ROI of the research practice. I’m here to share what I’ve learned and the steps I take to turn the tables, making stakeholders the advocates for research at Postmedia.

Alicia is a design researcher and strategist who aims to design for a more sustainable future for people to live in. Her work focuses on learning people’s motivations and behavioural needs, to answer specific challenges in the context of a product, service, and experience. From her past experiences, Alicia has adopted an exploratory, ethical and open-minded approach to her research practices. Currently, she leads the user research practice at Postmedia.

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