Alicia Napoleon

Alicia Napoleon

Product Designer
General Motors


Designing for the Multitasking DriverĀ 

How do you design the best in-vehicle user experience when the stakes are high, the constraints are heavy, and the user will only be partially engaged? Sound like an impossible task? Not at all! Automotive experience design, while complex, comes with a huge reward that impacts millions of lives. Alicia will explain how this can be accomplished and some techniques to put into practice.

Alicia is a Product Designer and has been working in the automotive industry since 2015. She is currently a lead designer focusing on next generation driver assistance features. She completed her Masters in Human Computer Interaction with a focus on Automotive Human Factors from the University of Michigan.

Alicia is active in the local UX and design communities, serving the Ladies That UX Detroit chapter. She enjoys collaborating with peers and promoting the power of user-centered design.

Alicia is passionate about meeting new people and helping to create community through friendship. At the start of summer she launched her blog, Friendships in the City to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones, to explore their cities and create new positive experiences.

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