Brian Frank

Brian Frank

UX Researcher and Strategist


Continuous Discovery: Finding the Smallest Ways of Answering the Biggest Questions 

How do we move forward without knowing exactly where we’re going or how we’ll get there? This talk is about managing uncertainty, complexity, and change in any role. We’ll cover different types of research methods and competing schools of thought, including Lean and Agile development, Design Sprints, and emerging practices like ResearchOps. We’ll also talk about professional growth and personal discovery. Because the best research tool isn’t any method or technique, it’s a desire to learn.

Brian is a UX Researcher and Strategist at, a UX research, design, and consulting firm. Before joining in 2015, Brian advised organizations on emerging technologies and practices including Lean and Agile. Brian has written publicly about technology and innovation since 2007 and is passionate about developing more continuous, collaborative, adaptive, and constructive ways to manage uncertainty and change.

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